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Frost Foundation Easter Appeal 2024

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The Frost Foundation Easter Appeal 2024 – Donate by 15th March!

We are now entering the final week of The Frost Foundation Easter Appeal for this year. For anyone who is interested in donating to a good cause this Easter, we strongly encourage you consider this one!

BCD Logistics Ltd is a proud contributor to the Easter appeal, as we have donated the funds for just over 300 Easter eggs to be sent to families who are not able to further stretch their expenses and buy chocolate for their children at this time of year.

If you have the means to support The Frost Foundation’s Easter Appeal, you have until Friday 15th March to get your donations in!

There are several Easter egg drop-off locations in the immediate Greater Manchester area. For more information on this, please visit –

Easter Appeal 2024 | Frost Foundation


Alternatively, for cash donations you can visit their Just Giving page –

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this amazing cause. If you can’t donate in time for 15th March, but would like to contribute to future events, be sure to keep an eye out for their other appeals throughout the year.

You can stay up to date with all news regarding The Frost Foundation on their website – Frost Foundation | Frost Foundation – Helping Local Children

Frost Foundation Christmas Appeal 2023

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Frost Foundation Christmas Appeal 2023

BCD Logistics ltd is delighted to announce its continued support for the Frost Foundation this year, with its Christmas Appeal for 2023.

Donations to this cause enable various financial aids, toy donations and gift packages to be sent to less fortunate children and families, who are enduring tough times this winter. Especially due to the hard work and dedication behind the scenes of Wendy, Joy, Julie and Karen at the Frost Foundation, the appeal has resulted in over 3000 gifts and 50 large food hampers donated across various organisations.

Frost Foundation has aided the Bury Homeless Project and Bury Safeguard team alike, as well as several individual families who were brought to the attention of the foundation. They have also worked very closely with social work teams from surrounding areas, such as Bury, Radcliffe, Whitefield, and Salford to ensure as many people as possible receive the support they need this Christmas.

These efforts showcase the importance of building communities and establishing bridges of support between one another.

Everyone at BCD Logistics is in awe of the outstanding work that the Frost Foundation does, and we are happy to have played our part in its efforts over the years.

The 2023 Christmas Appeal is now closed for any further contribution, however you can learn more about the Frost Foundation and its overall mission below:

The Frost Foundation

Who is BCD?

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Who is BCD?

We are BCD Logistics Ltd – a nationwide haulage company that facilitates the transport of vast amounts of various goods across the UK.

Generally speaking, the haulage industry is integral to any economy and the nature of the business can vary massively from company to company. BCD Logistics specialises in services such as multi-drops, drop and swaps, and haulage of hazardous loads. Additionally, BCD can assist with waste transportation, splitter trailers, and movement of animal food products with its reefer (temperature controlled) containers.

Multi Drop

This process involves splitting jobs into multiple delivery stops, all while using one truck and one container. As you’d expect, when done right, multi drops save valuable time and resources for both the haulier and the customer, which is why BCD has ensured that this is one of its top specialties.

Drop and Swap

Drop and swap operations involve organising a container to be collected immediately after delivering another, in order to provide a smooth and seamless workflow and allow more work to be taken on and completed within a smaller time frame.

The emergence of VBS (Vehicle Booking Systems) and CBS (Container Booking Systems), respectively, have made drop and swaps more manageable on a larger scale. These systems essentially provide means of planning exactly which containers each active driver will be swapping before they’ve arrived at their destination. This process requires an extremely organised team behind the scenes, which BCD is proud to have, in order to ensure drop and swaps are kept as efficient as possible.

Hazardous Haulage

Transportation of dangerous goods is a service not all haulage companies can provide, and understandably so. At present, there are 9 different classifications of hazardous haulage, which can be found below:

  1. Explosive substances and articles
  2. Gases
    • Flammable gases
    • Non-flammable gases
    • Toxic gases
  3. Flammable liquids
  4. Flammable solids
    • Flammable solids, self-reactive substances, polymerising substances and solid desensitised explosives
    • Substances liable to spontaneous combustion
    • Substances which, in contract with water, emit flammable gases
  5. Oxidising substances and organic peroxides
    • Oxidising substances
    • Organic peroxides
  6. Toxic and infectious substances
    • Toxic substances
    • Infectious substances
  7. Radioactive material
  8. Corrosive substances
  9. Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles

As stated on our ‘Services’ page, BCD prides itself in being able to collect and deliver all hazardous goods other than Classes 1, 4.1, and 7. What’s more, we have over 15 drivers who are fully trained in handling the hazardous good specified.

It’s critical that the catergories of goods and containers described here are transported by road-based HGVs – Heavy Goods Vehicles. (See below)

HGVs are ideal for use in the haulage industry largely because they are well-equipped for long distance travel, as they can travel safely at regulated speeds while carrying heavy loads.

BCD’s trucks are also fitted with innovative surveillance and tracking systems, which ensure an unparalleled level of safety and security for both the goods and personnel involved. However, despite these safety measures, it is important to be aware that these vehicles still have limitations. Like any other road vehicle, there are important practices that should be adhered to when working with HGVs. For instance, it is key for all road users to be aware of the significant blind spots that exist due to the sheer size of these vehicles.

If you would like to learn more about HGVs and how to be safe around them, please visit the following webpage – Know the zones – National Highways

Find out more

Intrigued to learn more about BCD Logistics Ltd? Be sure to take a look around the company website. You can also get in touch with a member of staff via our ‘Contact’ page if you so choose.

Looking for work? Visit our ‘Vacancies’ page for the latest updates on availability at BCD.

If you’re interested in sub-contractor work, and your company is based in one of Manchester, Liverpool, or Birmingham, we encourage you to download the BCD Sub-contractor Pack from the ‘Sub Contractors’ page and consider working with us.

BCD News, 19.02.23 – Strike dates, Maritime CBS, and more

By Company Info

Current company news:


BCD is always looking to improve efficiency on the road and ensure our hardworking drivers have the best vehicles at their disposal to complete jobs as safely and comfortably as possible. In recent months, new additions from Scania and MAN into our ranks have helped us achieve these aims.

See more of our trucks and what they get up to via our Gallery

Other relevant updates:

Maritime CBS

Maritime has updated the URL for its container booking system, which is now as follows:

Upcoming strikes

The last major rail/transport strike was on 3rd February. However, the RMT union have announced further rail strikes in March and April.

As it stands, strike dates will be:

16th, 18th, 30th March and 1st April

More information on strikes in the UK can be found on BBC news. See below:

Rail workers to stage more strikes in pay dispute – BBC News

If you wish to keep up to date with all things BCD, be sure to keep an eye out for future company news entries.

The ‘Bee’ in BCD

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In recent years, BCD Logistics Ltd has integrated an iconic symbol of Mancunian pride and togetherness into its company logo – the ‘worker bee’ emblem. (Also known as the ‘Manchester bee’).

The history of this symbol goes back a long way, but the decision to adopt the Manchester bee into the BCD logo was largely in response to the tragic Manchester Arena Bombing, which took place on 22nd May 2017. In this attack, 22 people sadly lost their lives, hundreds were physically injured, and tens of thousands more have been left impacted for life.

In truth, this horrific event changed Manchester forever. Yet, despite the heartbreak for many, the overwhelming response of Mancunians to honour the individuals lost, rebuild trust within communities and band together to move forward has been a remarkable sight. BCD Logistics believes it is important to show support for this process and adopt all the good-natured principles that the Manchester bee represents.

As a result, you’ll be seeing the black and yellow stripes of the Manchester bee on our otherwise all-green logo for many years to come