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My Journey into HGV Driving – BCD Drivers’ Accounts

We have recently hired several new drivers, who are fresh from passing their HGV driving courses, having had no prior experience within the profession or, in some cases, the logistics industry as a whole.

BCD Logistics believes it’s vital to encourage the idea that anyone can become an HGV driver and that your suitability to the role isn’t defined by anything other than qualification, level of application and general character.

Some of our drivers have kindly shared their journeys with us to help spread this message, which you can read below:

Nicola and Victoria

‘I previously worked over 20 years for the Ministry of Defence in a variety of roles (Medical Assistant for the Recruit Selection Centre, Admin Officer for Armed Forces Drugs Testing Team and the latest a Finance Officer, also serving in the Royal Navy and Territorial Army). 

I enjoy driving and riding motorbikes and have been riding motorbikes for over 30 years and was a part time instructor.  I have always had an interest in trucks and enjoy going to truck shows. I decided at the age of 50 that I didn’t want to stare at computer screens anymore, so I pursued my dream of becoming a lorry driver.

  I contacted Darren at Cannock HGV Training and very quickly started my training, passing my HGV Class 1 in April 2023.  Then came the hard part of trying to get a company to take on a new pass.  I sent many CVs out with no luck. 

Then, I saw a job on Indeed for a Class 1 Container Driver at BCD in Aldridge and quickly applied.  Barry invited me for a two-day assessment which I jumped at the chance. It’s very difficult for a new pass to get a job as most companies want at least 2 years’ experience. Luckily, BCD were willing to take on new passes.

I’ve now been employed by BCD for over 6 months and am extremely grateful to Barry and BCD for giving me the opportunity. They have been very supportive and have also invested their time and money in putting me and the other new passes through our ADR training. 

I am thoroughly enjoying the job, my only regret is I wish I’d done it sooner.’

  Victoria Darby

‘After 35 years in the carpet and flooring industry, I decided last summer it was time to hang up my carpet stilettos and seek a new challenge. I love driving and my other passion is chauffeuring for the largest Phantom hire company in Birmingham, so trucking seemed a natural progression.

I made enquiries with a local company in Aldridge called Westgate Transport and training and by the end of July I was the proud recipient of my HGV1.

I had been following various HGV platforms and, worryingly, its appeared that unless you had between 6 months to 2 years’ experience, very few companies would take on a new pass. Not one to be deterred, I set off the day after passing and decided the direct approach was the only way I was going to get a job.

Bingo, the first door I knocked on was BCD and, although they thought I wanted an office job, Barry immediately offered me the opportunity to go out with one of his very accomplished drivers/assessors, who wrote a glowing report about my driving, and I haven’t looked back since.

It is so refreshing to find a company that is willing to invest in new recruits especially when the logistics industry is going through such difficult times and companies are folding due to the current economic conditions. BCD continues with its expenditure when others are cutting back. For example putting new passes and experienced drivers through their ADR exams.’

 – Nicola Craig

‘I had always wanted to get into driving but, when I finally got my class 1 license, nowhere wanted to give me a chance. Luckily, I stumbled across BCD.

Barry and Chris invited me in for an interview and decided to give me that chance. It was so refreshing for somebody to give me a chance being a new pass. Since starting with BCD only 6 months ago, they have already put me through my ADR license.

Prior to working at BCD, I worked in the car sales industry and the thought of being stuck behind a desk for the rest of my life felt so draining. Now, being a driver with BCD I get to travel around the country seeing new things and experiencing new things every day.

I couldn’t be happier in my role now and highly recommend anybody doing the same.’

– Jonathan Seaborne