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The ‘Bee’ in BCD

In recent years, BCD Logistics Ltd has integrated an iconic symbol of Mancunian pride and togetherness into its company logo – the ‘worker bee’ emblem. (Also known as the ‘Manchester bee’).

The history of this symbol goes back a long way, but the decision to adopt the Manchester bee into the BCD logo was largely in response to the tragic Manchester Arena Bombing, which took place on 22nd May 2017. In this attack, 22 people sadly lost their lives, hundreds were physically injured, and tens of thousands more have been left impacted for life.

In truth, this horrific event changed Manchester forever. Yet, despite the heartbreak for many, the overwhelming response of Mancunians to honour the individuals lost, rebuild trust within communities and band together to move forward has been a remarkable sight. BCD Logistics believes it is important to show support for this process and adopt all the good-natured principles that the Manchester bee represents.

As a result, you’ll be seeing the black and yellow stripes of the Manchester bee on our otherwise all-green logo for many years to come